#30DaysofGOOD : Day 1: Document Street Style @GOOD

I think I am a bit late (mostly because I forgot to clock in before midnight) but anyway, this is my first time to participate in a 30 Days of GOOD challenge! For November, the challenge is to Document Your Life

66 Days- I have been living in the US for 66 days now and I realized how completely different it is from my life in Manila. Everything is different. So I guess this challenge is perfect. After all I have 23 less years now to feel at home in this country. Maybe documenting 30 days of my life might help me make sense of it.

Street Style- The place where I live is a nice residential little city North of Downtown LA. There is a nice Catholic population that has its own Catholic School that regularly celebrates Church Holidays. November 1 is All Saints Day, and we were able to attend a school mass (where the school’s students are required to go). When I took this photo, the students were crossing the street from the church to the school. When I clicked the shutter, a member of the choir band passed right in front of me. Not exactly “street style,” I know. But the point is— aside from students in uniforms, everyone else are in their cars. So our streets are always quiet.

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